Firm Model

Compass Law Group acts as a single point of contact for our individual and corporate clients.  From identifying what to expect next, through charting the path to completion, we keep our clients informed so that they are assured of staying on course and on time.

From our single-point-of-contact platform, we connect our clients with the best attorney for a particular issue whether utilizing in-house attorneys or partnering with experts from our established network of strategic partners.

In either scenario, “single-point-of-contact” means Compass Law Group maps the course of its legal team and manages the process from inception to completion.  If clients have a question or concern, that means one phone call regardless of the size of the legal team involved.

For corporate clients, our Collaborative Open Architecture model translates to an out-sourced General Counsel which provides the dedicated service of an in-house attorney without the overhead expense. Private individuals rely on us so that, rather than tracking down and evaluating attorney referrals themselves, we leverage our extensive network of legal partners to bring the best resources to the table for them. Under our innovative General Counsel practice,  we not only connect you with the best attorney for your particular issue and chart your course to reach your destination, we also manage the process from inception to completion – whether lead counsel for your team is one of our in-house attorneys or a strategic partner from within our select network.

Compass Law Group, LLC is located in
Plantation Village

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300 Main Street, Suite 301
St. Simons Island, Georgia
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