Practice Areas


For corporate clients, our Collaborative Open Architecture model translates to an out-sourced General Counsel which provides the dedicated service of an in-house attorney without the overhead expense.

Private individuals rely on us so that, rather than tracking down and evaluating attorney referrals themselves, we leverage our extensive network of legal partners to bring the best resources to the table for them.


  • Real estate transactional work
  • Title litigation
  • Zoning / land use
  • Landlord / tenant issues
  • Public Housing
  • Business Law
  • Corporate Law



  • Outsourced corporate General Counsel
  • Private/ Family General Counsel


Under our innovative General Counsel practice,  Compass Law Group acts as your corporate or private legal counsel under a single-point-of-contact platform.  We not only connect you with the best attorney for your particular issue and chart your course to reach your destination, we also manage the process from inception to completion Рwhether lead counsel for your team is one of our in-house attorneys or a strategic partner from within our select network.